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General Assembly Meeting, April 2016

General Assembly Meeting for this time is quite different. It is only because the meeting is the first activity for the multi stakeholders in cocoa sectors which are organized in Cocoa Sustainability Partnership in 2016, it is also the milestone of the implementation of Collaborative Program between Directorate General of State Crop, Ministry of Agriculture […]

Diskusi Bahan Tanam Kakao dengan BBPPTP Ambon

Guna memperoleh gambaran umum yang lebih luas dan cakupannya nasional, survei bahan tanam yang dilakukan oleh salah satu gugus tugas Cocoa Sustainability Partnership, yakni Agro Input and Planting Material, melakukan diskusi dengan Balai Besar Perbenihan dan Proteksi Tanaman Perkebunan (BBPPTP), Ambon, Maluku. Tujuannya adalah untuk mengetahui sejauh mana bahan tanam kakao di wilayah Maluku, Maluku Tengah, […]

Reaching the 2020 Roadmap goals

Transition pathway

The 2020 CSP Roadmap goal and targets are highly ambitious and will require a large number of the current Indonesian cocoa farmer base to effectively adopt the practices from the Professional Farmer Package as described in the Roadmap. The graph below indicates the required transition in farmer segments if CSP Roadmap goals are to be reach by 2020.

Untrained farmers (using the wrong fertilizer + limited knowledge)

Farmers in Transition (in training)

Professional Farmers (using effective fertilizer, knowledge, new plantings)


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We have great partnerships with many organizations in various sectors. Here below are our partners.


Bridging Communication, Collaboration for Equal Benefit for all

CSP defines Members as organizations listed in CSP, which signed the CSP Membership Agreement and pays the respective annual membership fees. Type of membership is determined by the amount of membership fees that a member pays. Acceptance and dismissal of a member are on the hands of the General Assembly (GA) as the highest entity in CSP structure.

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