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Award to Cacao Farmers and Facilitating Institutions to Farmers

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Yogyakarta, December 10, 2017—Indonesia as the third biggest cacao producers in the world, and more than 90% of this production is produced by smallholder farmers. Thus, the foundation support of Indonesian cacao production is the smallholders farmers. 

During last recent years, the condition of Indonesian cacao is getting decreased, and the production is tend to be lower. In other hand, the raw materials for industrial needs in form of cacao beans are getting increased. In order to prevent the gap among needs and production, it needs integrated efforts from all stakeholders in Indonesia, based on their duties and responsibilities. 

Indonesian Cocoa Board (Dewan Kakao Indonesia/Dekaindo), as one of the coordinating institution for cacao in Indonesia, foreseeks the efforts in revitalizing the spirits of farmers in cultivating the plantations in appropriate ways, in order to increase the production and the decreasing of national production can be halted. One of these efforts is to revitalize the spirits and interests of the cocoa farmers is by providing appreciation and rewards to them who had shows significant performance, and as stimulant and role model for other farmers.

In performing this reward inauguration, Dekaindo needs to establish cooperaton with various stakeholders, particularly in deciding the farmers, or institutions, to be awarded. The participating stakeholders are Ditjenbun, government office for plantation sectors in provincial level, and CSP. From the proposed candidates, it has been selected four cocoa farmers as representatives from areas of Sulawesi, Sumatera, Java, and Bali. And three institutions (farmers groups, farmers cooperatives, and NGO).

The objective of this awarding to the farmers and institutions who had facilitated and assisted farmers is to revitalize the spirit of farmers in cultivating their plantations in good practices, in order to increase the production and the decreasing national production can be halted. 

These awards are presented to the farmers who have been acted as pioneers and light houses for the development of cocoa sustainability in Indonesia. As for the farmers, it has been selected four farmers from SOuth Sulawesi, Lampung, Yogyakarta, and Bali. The farmers from Sulawesi and Sumatera are facilitated by CSP, farmers from Yogyakarta is supported by Agricultural Office of Gunung Kidul District, and for those who are coming from Bali is faciliatetd by Kalimajari Foundation. These awards are in form of certificates and stimulant moneys which are presented to four farmers are coming from Dekaindo and PT. Aice.

Furthermore, the certificate awards from Dekaindo are presented to the Farmers Groups of Gunung Kidul, Farmers Cooperatives of Jembrana Bali, and Kalimajari Foundation. And the awarding processes during the 60th Indonesian Plantation Day at Institut Pertanian STIPER Jogjakarta, are presented by the Directorate General of Estate Crops, Ministry of Agriculture, and the Deputy of Food and Agriculture Coordination, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. (Dewan Kakao Indonesia)

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