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FKA Conducts Focus Group Discussion with the Provincial Government of Aceh

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Forum Kakao Aceh delivers the program documents of accelerating the high quality, highly competitive, and sustainable Acehnese cacao to the compiling team for RPJM of newly elected governor and vice governor of Aceh Province 2017-2022. (FKA)

Banda Aceh, June 17, 2017—Cocoa Regional Forum of Aceh (Forum Kakao Aceh/FKA) on Saturday, June 17, 2017, conducted a focused group discussion at Aula of BPTP Banda Aceh. This discussion is performed to gather suggestions and ideas to the Compiling Team of Medium-Term Development Plan (Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah/RPJM) of Aceh. Particularly regarding the potential and strategic planning of cacao agro-business development which are can be referred as source for the compiling process of this RPJM document.

Ir. TM. Basian, M.Si, as representative of Government of Aceh Province, describes that for current condition, there are approximately 120.000 farmers in Aceh who are depending their livelihood to this plantation commodity. The width of the area as cacao plantation is about 85.000 hectares which are distributed into 23 districts/municipals as areas for the cacao production centre. The government also states that out of these widths, there are approximately 120.000 hectares which are categorized as abandoned areas.

It is also described, furthermore, that the cacao production in Province of Aceh is worrying. It is based by reason that with the highest economic rate in Indonesia, 85%, cacao should provide more benefits to the farmers. Moreover, Provinsi of Aceh has potential in term of the widest land possession in Island of Sumatera. But, for the productivity rate, Province of West Sumatera is more productive than Province of Aceh.

In a similar occasion, Teuku Zulkarnain, as chairman of Forum Kakao Aceh, says that "There are lot of problems in the field which are getting difficult to be overcame, because there is no financial budget from the national government in 2017. Regarding this issue, there must be a policy and program in the future which are comprehensively used in the problem solving and solution to the problems in relating to cacao plantation.”

During this focused group discussion, Teuku Zulkarnaen is also elected as one of the panelists with the speaker from Swisscontact, Jakfar Siddiq, SE., MM. who describes the trend of increasing demand on world cocoa market. But the problem is that the domestic cocoa productivity is decreasing. It's direct impact is that this commodity has not provide much economic influences for the farmers and core stakeholders of cocoa.

Muslahuddin Daud who is accompanied by Lukman Age, and Wahdy Azmi from the compiling team of RPJM of Aceh Province explain that for this current period, the government is preparing to finalize the vision and mission of the newly elected governor and vice governor of Aceh Province for its 15 advanced programs for agriculture and plantation sectors development, as called as “Aceh Troe, Aceh Meugo”.

In this government document, it is absolutely that cacao commodity will be referred as one of main focuses of development. It is also acknowledged that the initiative of FKA must be gained a high appreciation for its effort in providing inputs toward Medium-Term Development Plant of Aceh Province. 

Signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding among Regional Cacao Forum of Aceh with the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission for Aceh Province regarding the accelerating the cacao information distribution comprehensively to all areas of Aceh Province through mass media and electronic-based media. (FKA)

This focused group discussion is also conducted with the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding among Forum Kakao Aceh (FKA) and Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia/KPI) of Aceh Province in improving the socialization of cocoa to the community.

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