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Introduction of Executive Director and Election of Supervisory Board Chairperson of CSP

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Makassar, January 11, 2018—In the beginning of this year, Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP) conducts extra ordinary meeting of all Supervisory Board members. This first meeting is conducted in Makassar with the main agendas are to introduce Wahyu Wibowo as new Executive Director of CSP, and the election process of chairperson and treasurer of Supervisory Board for period of 2018.


In his description, the Executive Director of CSP expresses that in running the new duty in cocoa sustainability partnership of Indonesia, it needs full support from the members of Supervisory Board, CSP members, and all cocoa stakeholders in coordinating the initiatives of CSP in the future. “The new Executive Director of CSP is our brand-new hope of cocoa sustainability in directing the CSP to the better future that the organization can acquire more spaces in the national and global level.” Imam Suharto as the chairperson of Supervisory Board for 2017 delivers his notes during this introductory session.


The position of Cocoa Sustainability Partnership, furthermore, is also highly expected in affording the significant roles, such as the efforts in establishing a strong partnership with the government, particularly the coordination and alignment of activities with the policies at national level. Especially for the issues in relation to the policy and regulation on cocoa sustainability.


Another expectation from this meeting that CSP must expands its influence and strengthens its network to the local and regional level, and establishes the coordination with other association and platform outside of Indonesia. It is important to be performed in order to be able in creating collaboration opportunities and in gaining the insights from neighbour countries on how they manage and develop their cocoa production. Moreover, it is outlined that the effectiveness of CSP Executive Office must be a strong asset in delivering the voices of farmers as wider and stronger influences in the local and national level.


In the future, CSP should create effective and initiative activities to achieve the goals in cocoa sustainability road map. The organization must acquires strong relational aspects in actively engaging the members. CSP also should maintain cocoa sustainability to be more organize and dynamic and to be example to others platform models.” As Wahyu Wibowo, Executive Director of CSP, expresses.


Aside of the introduction of CSP Executive Director, this Supervisory Board meeting also perform the succession process of new chairperson and treasurer of the board for 2018 period. The election process is limited to the members of Supervisory Board, and conducted in direct voting system. As for the candidates of chairperson, Ross Jaax of Swisscontact, and Chandra Panjiwibowo of UTZ/RA are selected. And for the treasurer position, there is only one candidate, Ani Setyoningrum of Barry Callebaut.


For the participating board members in the meeting, they directly vote their selection. But for the absence members, the voting system is by sending their vote through short messages to the former board chairperson.


After the voting processes, it is announced that the chairperson of Supervisory Board of Cocoa Sustainability Partnership for 2018 period is Chandra Panjiwibowo from UTZ/RA, and the treasurer of the board is Ani Setyoningrum of Barry Callebaut.


As symbol of board succession, Imam Suharto as the chairperson of Supervisory Board for 2017 period, hands over the important documents to the newly elected chairperson and treasurer and witnessed by the members of board. CSP/AH

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