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The Staff of RCF Attend Training in Designing and Writing the Publication Media

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The participants are composing their writing tasks during the training of designing and writing the publication media for Regional Cocoa Forum. They are representatives of committee members and secretariat staff of different cocoa forum in Indonesia. (CSP)

Jakarta, September 28, 2017—Cocoa Sustainability Partnership (CSP) is conducting training in designing and writing as form of providing skill to manage and develop publication media which are produced by Regional Cocoa Forum (RCF). This activity is performed in two days in Jakarta, and participated by two representatives of forum, from Forum Kakao Kolaka (FOKKA), Forum Kakao Aceh (FKA), Forum Kakao Sumatera Barat, Forum Komunikasi Kakao Sulawesi Tengah, and Forum Masyarakat Kakao Luwu Raya.

Each day, the participants are attending the activity since morning to afternoon. Toha Arifin from Cocoa Sustainability Partnership opens this activity and explains about the objectives and outputs. Furthermore, the expectations from the participants are also mapped. And generally, they show that this training can provide insights and knowledge to the committee members and secretariat staff of forum in writing, mastering the writing techniques, writing structures, probing the writing materials, and how to compose title that can attracts interests of the readers.

Regarding that RCF is an institution in the local and regional scope, and gathers information, such as how to plant cacao, how to grow, how to fertilize, and how to sell the dry cacao bean. And those information should be developed into writing and news. Then, it is significant for the forum staffs to gain ability and skill in how to compose good writing, such as article, feature, essay, news, and other forms of publication. (Forum Kakao Kolaka/Amiruddin Amier)

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