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The Result of National Cocoa Seminar during the 4th Annual Stakeholder Meeting of FOMAKARA

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Palopo, December 07, 2017—The national seminar during the 4th annual stakeholder meeting of Regional Cocoa Forum of Luwu Raya had been conducted on Thursday, December 07, 2017 at Saokutae Building, Palopo. The event was opened by the Vice Mayor of Palopo and attended by the stakeholders such as government institutions of Luwu Raya, cocoa industries, NGOs, universities, banking institutions, small and medium entrepreneurs, middlemen, and farmers groups. The estimated participants were 200 persons.

Therefore, the results of the seminar entitled with "Cocoa Partnership, Upstream and Downstream are as follows:

  1. Based on the Chairman of Indonesian Cocoa Industry Association (Asosiasi Industri Kakao Indonesia), there are 20 industries/cocoa processors with capacities of 800.000 tonnes per year. And the production of Indonesian cocoa farmers is only approximately 400.000 tonnes per year. The demand of cocoa, moreover, is about 10% per year in average, and the production is only 3% per year. It means that there are opportunities to increase the Indonesian cocoa production, particularly in Luwu Raya areas in order to fulfill this demand.
  2. The partnership of upstream cocoa actors in Luwu Raya area will be focused on Luwu, North Luwu, and East Luwu as the main production centers, and the partnership of downstream cocoa actors will be centered in Palopo as the main city of economic activities.
  3. Cocoa as the main commodity in Luwu Raya area will provide some benefits such as for consumption needs (especially in European and United States); increasing health condition, such as heart attack, lowering the cholesterol, high blood pressure, improving the blood circulation, and many more; for body care, and; for foods and beverages.
  4. In developing the downstream partnership in term of foods and beverages business, the local governments of Luwu Raya area can propose 25 persons per municipality/district, or 2 persons per sub-district to attend training for seven days at KUB Challodo Masamba, North Luwu District.
  5. For the the development of downstream partnership for body care and beauty, and medicine/health, the business activities can be trained by Kakao Madani Palopo.
  6. In order to improve the cocoa partnership among buyers (traders) and sellers (farmers groups) to gain decent and more stable prices, it can be facilitated by having follow-up meetings by small team by participating with some related stakeholders.
  7. In improving the development of cocoa partnership on upstream and downstream, the banking institutions (BRI and Mandiri) are ready to provide funding supports as needed by applying the local banking institutions terms.
  8. As efforts to optimize the tourism destination spots for the tourists who are coming to Tanjung Ringgit Port, or from Tana Toraja, it needs a showroom of this cocoa partnership from upstream and downstream in Palopo City. The upstream partnership is in term of seeding garden and planting activities, and the downstream partnership in form of small and medium entrepreneurship (home industry) on 203 hectares area. (Forum Masyarakat Kakao Luwu Raya)

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