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Drafting the Curriculum and Training Modules for Sustainable Cocoa Cultivation and Post Harvest

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With the technical assistance of the cocoa experts from Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute, the writers team of National Cocoa Curriculum and Training Modules for Sustainable Cocoa Cultivation and Post Harvest Activities are enriched with knowledge of cocoa issues. (CSP)

Jember, August 24, 2017—After the first meeting of the National Cocoa Curriculum with the writers team in Ministry of Agriculture building on last June 26, 2017, the team members are gathering again for the writing process in ICCRI, Jember, East Java. The team itself consists of Widyaiswara staffs and supported by other cocoa experts.

On the first day, the team is conducting meeting with Dr. Agung Wahyu Susilo, SP., MP., and staffs of Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute (ICCRI) in order to agree about the schedules and agenda in writing the curriculum and training modules for sustainable cocoa good agriculture practices and post harvest within the upcoming three days (August 23 - 25, 2017). ICCRI also provides supports in term of facilitation and consultancy of experts for each group, i.e. cultivation processes, pest and disease, and post harvest. In this occasion, the institution also supports processes with the references in enriching the insights and understanding of cocoa cultivation and post harvest activities for the writers.

As the process of national curriculum and training modules compiling, the team is also visiting the field in order to gain knowledge on cocoa-related activities, such as cultivation and cocoa processing as post harvest. After those activities, all groups are drafting the curriculum and modules with the cocoa experts of ICCRI for several days.

The national cocoa curriculum and training modules is generated this year by Cocoa Sustainability Partnership with active participation from its members. These materials will be utilized by technical implementer units of agricultural training in providing training and technical assistance for field extension staffs.

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